A market leader in integrated cross-cultural communication services for over 25 years, based in Sydney, Australia.

Since 1990 we have provided excellent services to various government departments, leading law firms, blue-chip commercial corporations and community organisations, achieving tremendous results.

Advanced interpreting service

Needless to say, face to face meetings help enhance the rapport between different parties. We can provide the most professional consecutive or simultaneous interpreting service for:

  • your meetings with your law firm
  • your company board meetings
  • your conference with your business consultants
  • your on-site inspections
  • your business luncheons with government officials

  • so you are always on the same page at the same time as your business partner, never a beat behind.

    Superior translation solutions

    Our NAATI-accredited professional translators are aware of the minute nuances in the Chinese language as used in different geographic locations. Whether your documentation takes the form of:

  • business presentations
  • financial analysis
  • medical reports
  • legal documents
  • real estate or an agricultural sales pitch

  • we have the expertise to help you put the right message forward in the Chinese language.

    Quality and efficiency

    Coming from different backgrounds, all our translators are NAATI-accredited professionals who have years of industry experience. Our close-knit team ensures the work is always streamlined and reviewed efficiently to deliver the best results.

    Prestigious client base

    We are renowned for our commitment to quality. Our regular clients include top-tier organisations such as PwC Australia, Allen & Overy, the Federal Department of Immigration, the University of Technology Sydney, Optiver Asia Pacific, the Department of Health, KPMG, and Mallesons.

    Innovative approach

    Utilising the latest technologies and programs available to industry professionals, we also employ extensive usage of digital distribution methods, such as cloud storage and secure email, in order to meet client deadlines as efficiently as possible.

    Commitment to security

    Client files are always stored offline to ensure the maximum level of security possible. Upon request from the client, we will always sign a confidentiality agreement in order to meet their requirements.

    Contact us

    Email: info@stanmax.com.au